10 Pet-Friendly House Plants & How to Get Them Delivered to Your Doorstep

Got a curious pup or kitten? Here are the 10 best pet-friendly houseplants, and the online nurseries that will deliver them straight to your door.

Our fur baby loves nothing more than to chew on grass or plants — and pretty much anything green or leafy he can get his mouth around will do. That's why we were glad we looked up the potential toxicity of daffodils before we let him outside near our narcissus blooms this spring. 

Turns out they're definitely poisonous to pets of various kinds, including dogs, cats, and even horses! And according to some sources, they're so toxic (especially the bulbs) that your vet should be called as soon as you become aware Fido has ingested any part of the plant - with the prognosis growing worse depending upon how much of the bulb has been eaten, and when. 

Hundreds of plants can be toxic to pets

As we researched further, we were surprised to find how many plants, both indoor and outdoor, are toxic to pets. Hundreds of plants from aloe and amaryllis to dahlias and daisies, tarragon, tomato plants, yucca, and weeping figs are toxic to your pets, each causing a range of symptoms from mild gastrointestinal distress to death.

The solution? Non-toxic house plants

So what can you do? Get non-toxic plants, of course! And since you're more likely to have unsupervised time with pets indoors than outdoors, we think it's most crucial to have pet friendly plants in the house. 

The best news of all? There are many companies online that deliver healthy houseplants to your doorstep — and some of them even specialize in cat and dog friendly house plants! 

We dove in to find the best dog and cat friendly common house plants you can get. Take a browse through our top 10 favorites and the spots you can have them delivered from, to see which fit your needs best:

Per our research, we've determined the following to be the best in each category:

  • Best for low maintenance or forgetful households: Succulents and Airplants
  • Best for hanging baskets: Swedish Ivy or Boston Ferns
  • Best for brightening up corners (if you don't have high energy pets who will knock them off tables): Moth Orchids
  • Best for households which love to cook: Herbs
  • Best for partial shade: Areca Palm
  • Best for bright, indirect light (and also brings good fortune): Money Tree
  • Best for decorators: Polka Dot Plant

Now without further ado, please enjoy our pet-friendly plant guide. We've included 3 places for delivery after we introduce each plant type — but many of them will deliver more than one kind of plant, of course. So if you find you love The Sill, for example, you can always save shipping costs and order all your plants from them. Now let's get to plant shopping:

The best pet-safe plants for your home

Moth Orchids

Moth orchids, or Phalaenopsis, are considered the best orchid for growing in the home. They're also dog and cat safe, require very little care, and come in a great variety of stunning colors. 

Water them weekly, consider an occasional transplant, and keep them at average home temperatures to watch them grow, blossom, and bloom several times annually. They'll usually bloom between late winter and spring, but can easily bloom outside of that as well when properly cared for. 

Make sure you have the right kind of orchid here. Some varieties are less pet-friendly than others.

Buy Moth Orchids online

Wayside Gardens

When you want to try some Moth Orchids, check out the possible arrangements from Wayside Gardens

Our favorite arrangement is comprised of eye-popping miniature orchids, very delicate-looking, which arrive in the deepest of pinks or "nearly mauve," according to the description. Place them in low light areas of your home, under fluorescents, or in indirect bright lighting for best results.

Price:  The Trio of Double Mini Moth Orchids in a Box Planter pictured above is $89.95. If you'd prefer something smaller, you could also try this Double White Phalaenopsis Orchid in Black Ceramic for $49.95. Be sure to look for Wayside Gardens promo codes here.


  • Wayside Gardens maintains a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Google reviews
  • Get these blooms in dark pink, light purple
  • Friendly, professional staff
  • Great for gardeners of all skill levels


Bottom line:

This flower is a beautiful option for orchid lovers and pet lovers alike, and will surely dazzle guests or anyone gifted with this arrangement. Tend to them as directed and enjoy a bevy of tiny, brilliant blooms for years to come.

White Flower Farm

Another place to buy Moth Orchids is at White Flower Farm.

Want to fancy up the place while keeping your furry friends safe? Order a 18-24 inch Kaleidoscope Moth Orchid in an embossed metal cache from White Flower Farm. A setting with high humidity and moistened roots every other day keeps this variety happy, as they're native to tropical or semi-tropical environs. As they grow, they'll produce multiple flower spikes.

Don't like this variety? There's plenty of choices at White Flower Farm; just check the moth orchid selection here, and here's a snapshot:

Price: $89. You can also find White Flower Farm discount codes here.


  • White Flower Farm has 135 4- and 5-star reviews out of 148 total on TripAdvisor
  • If ever placed outdoors, this moth orchid variety attracts butterflies


  • These ship only if weather-permitting along the planned route, so contact them well in advance of your order in case the weather is turning. You may need to choose elsewhere
  • Expensive (but you can get a slightly smaller one of the same type for $70.00 here)

Bottom line:

These are a unique burst of yellow with trickles of pink patterns throughout. Presented standing tall in an attractive embossed metal cachepot, these are great for a household without a mischievous, high energy cat like ours to knock it over (such as a dog household - or a lazier/older cat household).


These Double-Stemmed Purple Phalaenopsis up the blooms by two, varying in shade from very light to very dark, and lasting 8 - 12 full weeks at a time.

Price: $46.99, with ProFlowers coupon codes available here


  • Ships in an eco-friendly box
  • They send you an email confirmation once delivered, and you can track your order online as it makes its way for delivery
  • ProFlowers is committed to ethical labor standards
  • Their Instagram features DIY flower projects for the creative-minded


  • May not be ideal for delivery to an office unless they have proper scissors, vases, etc. handy; many times, arrangements are sent in boxes and bouquets arrive without vases

Bottom line:

These are gorgeous and simple for the pet-friendly household in need of a burst of elegant color. If you prefer, you can replace the original tin crown container with a grey and gold geometric clay planter or a mid-century ceramic planter.

Money Tree

Believed to bring good luck and financial success, the Money Tree, or Pachira aquatica, is quite low maintenance, and said to be non-toxic to pets. With a unique braided trunk, the tree is native to Central and South American swampland, and as it grows, new leaves will sprout and unravel into 5 separate leaf stems. 

These do best in indirect, bright light and medium to well above average humidity levels. Keep them away from both cold drafts and hot air vents, and preferably indoors — they'll survive outdoors only in USDA zones 10 through 12. 

Buy Money Trees online:

The Sill

Are you a house plant newbie? The Sill has a nice selection of plants for beginners. There's also a section for plants requiring low or bright light; mini, small, and large potted plants, a section of specifically pet-friendly plants, and more.

Word to the wise: the trunks aren't naturally braided. Nursery  workers braid the tender green seedlings' trunks into that shape before they eventually get hardened with wood. Also, some sources advise that  just because they're named as non-toxic for pets doesn't mean they're good for pets to eat. Try to monitor your pets' chewing of this plant and  minimize it whenever possible. This, like any other non-toxic plant, can still result in abdominal distress if too much is ingested.

Please see details on how to care for Money Trees here.

The Sill offers nationwide shipping, a 30-day return policy, and free standard shipping on orders over $75. There's a section on plant care, weekly workshops you can join, and even a spot to become a member to enjoy a free plant gift every month plus all the other perks of the Plant Parent Club.

Price: The Sill has your Money Tree in size small for $52. You can also find promo codes for The Sill here.


  • The Sill has a solid 4-star rating on Yelp
  • Most plants arrive healthy and in perfect condition
  • They also have a 4.8-star of 5 rating on FaceBook
  • The Sill has been favorably mentioned in Apartment Therapy and Mashable


Some reviews reported plants arriving in poor shape; customer service replies indicate replacements were sent, however

Bottom line:

The Sill has received numerous top notch reviews and favorable mentions across social media. They keep themselves reputable with great customer service and follow-up. Follow them on Instagram for the latest updates and enjoy your plant parenting!

My City Plants

If you'd like a little bigger Money Tree, My City Plants has you covered in the New York and New Jersey areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Jersey City, Edgewater, and Hoboken.

Their site credits the practice of Feng Shui with the origination of the Money Tree, explaining that it's believed to bring fortune and good luck, and that it's best kept in medium to high light, but not direct sunlight. This Money Tree is approximately 40 inches tall and will arrive in a shatterproof 100% recyclable plastic planter with a built-in sub-irrigation system, enabling three times less watering than other pots.

Deliveries are made all days except Sunday (delivery hours vary, check their site if you're expecting one). Delivery fees vary by location.

Price: $195.00 for the Money Tree in Classico Charcoal Metallic pictured above. Find My City Plants discount codes here.


  • My City Plants has a solid 4-star rating on Yelp
  • They have 4.4 stars on Google reviews
  • Superb customer service 
  • Wide range of prices for all types of budgets
  • Plenty of unique, good quality pots and hanging containers to choose from
  • Full instructions included with each plant


  • Some reported that beginners in plant care might get confused at first shopping here
  • Limited delivery area

Bottom line:

My City Plants is a favorite within its home region, and highly recommended across the review sites. We can't help but be a little jealous living outside of their delivery range - but for those in proper distance, we say, "Don't hesitate!"

Léon & George

Unlike My City Plants, Léon & George ships free nationwide, offering not only delivery, but a 30-day guarantee and expert plant care to boot.

Improve your home's financial Feng Shui without making your pets sick when you get a Money Tree from Léon & George

This tree is said to do best in bright, indirect light, slight humidity, allowing the top part of its soil to dry out between waterings.

Price: $139, with Léon & George promo codes here. 


  • You'll get the Money Tree in its pot, along with a wooden stand, care instructions, and free shipping via UPS
  • Léon & George has a full 5-star rating on Yelp for their San Francisco location (also has a 5-star rating on their Los Angeles Yelp)
  • Maintains 5-star ratings on Product Hunt and FaceBook
  • Plants are hand-selected and meticulously cared for
  • Received a favorable mention in Business Insider


  • The lowest prices start at $139.00, so some might find this a bit too expensive

Bottom line:

Soaring reviews let you know the quality is stellar at Léon & George. We recommend you order your Money Tree from them without hesitation - unless the price holds you back, of course. Let it be known that Money Trees are not only dog friendly house plants, but air purifying as well. According to Better Homes and Gardens, they're great for "anyone with asthma, lung issues, or living in a smoggy city."

Swedish Ivy

Another of the best dog friendly house plants we could find is Swedish Ivy, which is really a misnomer, as it not native to Sweden, nor is it truly an ivy. The plectranthus verticillatus does best in indirect sunlight and makes a  beautiful hanging plant. Keep this 'ivy' moist, prune it well, and be sure to keep an eye out for spider mites.

Also called 'Creeping Charlie,' Swedish begonia, or whorled plectranthus, and closely related to the mint plant, Swedish Ivy is recognizable by its rounded, glossy leaves with scalloped edges, white or purple flowers, and susceptibility to the cold - keep this in 55 Fahrenheit environs or warmer, please.

Buy Swedish Ivy online:

The Flower Pot Nursery

Price: $9.99 at The Flower Pot Nursery.


  • These maintain a solid 5 star rating on Flower Pot Nursery reviews from 8 previous Swedish Ivy customers
  • Flower Pot Nursery has been in business since 1972
  • You might get a bonus or two with your order!
  • Very hardy plants
  • Great packaging and delivery


Bottom line:

Flower Pot Nursery has a decent reputation, so we think you'll be happy with your ivy - let us know if you're not! We think you and your pets will enjoy this attractive ornamental, especially if you have a spot where it can grow and dangle in a hanging basket. Also, Swedish Ivy can be easily be rooted with cuttings, so be sure to share with friends!

Josh's Frogs

Turns out you can decorate your own home and your frog's tank with clippings from the same Swedish Ivy plant! Don't have a frog? No worries, with Josh's Frogs you can always just skip the tank and enjoy the ivy while keeping your furry pets safe from harm.

As stated in the description, "Plants  from Josh’s Frogs are specifically grown to be safe for use with  animals," so not only are they dog friendly plants, but frog-, newt-, gecko-, water dragon-, chameleon-, and snake-friendly as well.

Price: $4.49 each. You can find Josh's Frogs promo codes here.


  • Josh's Frogs' plants are offered with a warranty if the conditions are met on here
  • Great prices
  • Raised specifically for safety around animals of many types


  • Out of stock at the moment, but there's a place to put your email address for when they get more back in shortly

Bottom line:

All plants are shipped in pots with soil unless for some reason it's deemed necessary to ship bare root. Plants are shown in 2.5 inch pots, which would likely be the size you receive - but don't fret. They grow fast! According to Josh's Frogs, you can keep this in a pot and have it grow over the sizes to make a full, round plant, or place it in a hanging basket to dangle as previously mentioned.


Studley's has a lovely variegated variety of Swedish Ivy available for $7.00 per plant, with similarly shaped leaves unevenly splashed with white. These variegated types also emit a fragrance when touched, which some say smells 'spicy'. They're best kept in a window facing the south or west with plenty of sunlight.

All orders placed throughout the week ship out Monday through Wednesday only, with the intention of preventing Studley's plants from sitting in their boxes anywhere over the whole lonely weekend. 

Price: $7.00 each.


  • Studley's has a 4.5-star rating on Yelp & 4.4 star rating on FaceBook
  • They have 20 out of 20 positive reviews on Dave's Garden
  • Studley's has been in business since 1928
  • Customer service is attentive, polite, and prompt
  • Flowers and plants are delivered in excellent condition; if not, they're replaced right away


Occasionally customers reported receiving the wrong colors requested for events like prom or weddings

Bottom line:

We aren't sure about events like weddings, but it looks to us like Studley's tries to make each delivery matter and provide top notch customer service whenever they can. For our purposes of ordering simple pet-friendly house plants delivered, we're 99.9% certain you can't wrong with Studley's. Let us know if you do!

African Violets 

The African violet, which is said to be non-toxic to pets, has thick, fuzzy leaves and blooms that resemble violets. Standard African violets grow to full-size house plants around 10-12 inches in diameter. Take proper care of your African violets and you'll enjoy their rich, colorful blooms year-round.

Buy African Violets online:

The Violet Barn

Price: There's a range of prices. One great deal at The Violet Barn gets you 10 different standard violets of your choice for $50.00.


  • The Violet Barn has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on their standard African violets here
  • They deliver anywhere internationally, anytime (even winter)
  • They use only non-toxic, organic products when growing their violets 
  • Their violets are suitable around frogs and reptiles in vivariums as well as safe for furry pets
  • Plants will arrive promptly and in perfect condition
  • The Violet Barn has 87 positive reviews out of 104 total on Dave's Garden


  • They're delivered in 2.5 inch pots (but, of course, they'll grow)

Bottom line:

We called The Violet Barn to make sure their violets are all safe around pets (they have many kinds), and they assured us that as long as the customer does not add anything toxic to the soil or otherwise after the purchase, their violets are safe around pets. They also confirmed that they deliver internationally year-round.

River Dell Flowers

Price: The River Dell African Violet Garden basket is $54.95 — with delivery available nationwide (even internationally - but they may not be able to offer same-day service internationally due to time zone differences).


  • The African violets in the gift basket are actually in their own individual pots, so you can take them out of the basket and place them wherever you wish after receiving it
  • River Dell Florist has a solid 5-star rating on Yelp after 22 reviews (and that's not easy to do on Yelp!)
  • River Dell Florist also has a 5-star rating on The Knot after 14 reviews


  • They may need one day advanced notice to order the African violets - so be sure to call them right away when you make your decision on delivery

Bottom line:

These are delivered in a lovely basket so you can send them as a gift or order for yourself to enjoy. They can be removed from the basket when you're done admiring them as they're each in individual pots. You'll want to make sure someone is home (or a neighbor is prepared to receive your African violets for you) on delivery day. Check over their delivery conditions (top right) to be sure you're covered.

City Line Florist 

You'll get a lively blooming plant when you order a Best Value African violet delivered from City Line Florist, which could be any of various vibrant shades of pink or purple. Each in their own planters, you can remove them from their decorative watering can after you've used it as a centerpiece or enjoyed it on the mantel. 

Price: This arrangement is $39.99.


  • Easy online ordering
  • Excellent customer service
  • Beautiful plants and arrangements according to numerous previous customers
  • City Line Florist maintains a 5-star rating on their own website from 37 previous customers
  •  City Line has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on FaceBook with 107 people recommending them to others


  • Could not find any

Bottom line:

If you'd like a little African violet to see how you do with it, try this one out for starters. You can get it hand-delivered the same day, within hours, and you'll have a cute watering can for your garden when it's ready for re-potting.

Air Plants

Next up on our tour of dog friendly house plants come the uniquely beautiful and delicate-looking Air Plants. Officially named Tillandsia, these cute little gems are commonly called Air Plants because they're able to get the majority of nutrients they need from the air.

But be careful — air isn't all they'll ever need. You've got to follow the proper steps to keep your Air Plant alive and thriving, and it starts with a good, thorough soaking in water. Follow the rest of the care instructions here.

Buy Air Plants online:

Air Plant Supply Co.

All Air Plants, all day. When it's time to order your Air Plants, your first stop should be Air Plant Supply Co., where all they do is Air Plants, so they do them really well.

Specializing in Tillandsia placed into a variety of forms including botanical branch arrangements, terrariums, wedding and other unique event favors, the super popular Air Plant Supply Co. has placed over 100,000 orders since 2010.

This best seller lets you pick your own three Tillandsia out of the selection presented, to be decoratively placed into your sand-colored grapevine wood base.

Taken from old African vineyards and blasted free of bark, each naturally shaped piece of grapewood is approximately 15x20 and makes a lovely centerpiece for the dinner table, conversation piece for the coffee table, or attractive end table decor for any home.

Price: $24.95, and you can find Air Plant Supply Co. discounts here.


  • Choose your own custom 3 Air Plants
  • Each piece of grapewood is unique
  • Remarkable customer service
  • Air Plant Supply Co. has a 4.1-star rating on Google reviews
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Free shipping for orders over $50


  • Some were expecting a little more with their delivery order, but all was in good condition and packaged well

Bottom line:

For those who prefer a large selection, give Air Plant Supply Co. a try - you'll have plenty to choose from with all types and sizes of Air Plants with or without an accompanying variety of displays. Good prices, too!


With same-day deliveries available in New York City and Washington, D.C., UrbanStems promises next-day shipments throughout the rest of the contiguous U.S. — bringing personal attention and unique arrangements to your doorstep every time. 

UrbanStems also offers delivery subscriptions for those who want to remind others (or themselves) they're loved with a new bouquet or plant every month for 3-6 months or longer.

Price: The Rex or Babar (elephant) with Air Plant are $50.00 each. Check here for UrbanStems promo codes.


  • UrbanStems maintains a 4.5-star rating on Yelp
  • Their flowers are sourced directly from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms
  • Babar and Rex golden planters are memorable and reusable
  • To make sure your floral design is the mostest, choose from arrangements created by Vogue's top editors


  • Expensive

Bottom line:

UrbanStems' Air Plant display gets no complaints from us, other than being a little on the pricey side. The golden planters make a statement and gently hold your Air Plant up for all to see, perfect for the living room, study, or bookshelf.


Browse by plant type, recipient, or occasion on the ProPlants site, and find countless plants and flowers that purify the air as well as freshen up your home — and help keep your pet safe on top of it all. 

When you've decided you like your Tillandsia in a glass globe for showing off, grab this Air Plant Globe with Macrame! Perfect as a gift, this item is super easy to care for and can be hung from all sorts of places to enjoy in its finest 360* form. Enjoy!

Price: $29.99. Check here for ProPlants coupon codes.


  • Reasonable prices
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Ships direct from growers
  • 100% guaranteed fresh for 14 days
  • 99% shipped on time


  • Although well-known, ProPlants has medium to low ratings on review sites like SiteJabber and Consumer Affairs

Bottom line:

ProPlants is well-known and reasonably priced, owned by the same company as ProFlowers. Some reviews aren't optimal though, so take a browse through those before you place to order to make sure you feel confident on your purchase.

Boston Fern

Another of our favorite pet friendly house plants is the easy to care for Boston Fern. 

According to our sources, the Boston Fern or Bostoniensis, does best in humidity mixed with indirect sunlight in temperatures between 55 to 75°F. Being dog-friendly houseplants native to Florida, these ferns look great in pots and hanging containers of various sizes and styles.

Their recognizably curved fronds are said to be a mutation originally noted either on a ship headed to Boston or in a Floridian nursery with a later destination of friends in Boston.

Buy Boston Ferns online:


Teleflora's Boston fern is highly popular and delivered for many occasions. Customers will receive it in its classic 'Gardens of Grace' container.                                                                                  

Price: $59.95. Check here for Teleflora promo codes.


  • Teleflora has same day and next day deliveries
  • New subscribers can enter their email address to get 20% off their first order
  • Every purchase earns you rewards toward future purchases
  • The Boston Fern and its pot is a 'Flowers-in-a -Gift' selection, arriving in a limited-edition gift container which can be reused for many years


Bottom line:

We like Teleflora, and, of course, they've been around a while. Check reviews on all four sites above before you make your decision, though. We think it's probably fine to get your fern from them, but we don't want to steer you wrong. Take a few minutes to read the reviews, and let us know what you decided!


PlantShed offers prompt and courteous delivery and first rate customer service within NYC with an outstanding selection of flowers, plants, and more. Prices range from $30 to over $250.00, for something perfect within every budget.

Price: $40.00, with PlantShed promo codes here.


  • PlantShed has a solid 4-star rating on Yelp
  • They have a 4.6-star rating on FaceBook after 70 reviews
  • They have a 5-star rating on Trustpilot - after 2,245 reviews!
  • Great customer service
  • Superb company ethics 
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscriptions available


Although the Boston hanging Fern pictured is currently out of stock, watch this space for updates when they come back available

Bottom line:

PlantShed has an excellent online reputation within several review communities. Don't want to wait for your fern from PlantShed? Browse through their other collections! They have moth orchids and lots more.

Nanz and Kraft

Family-owned and operated since 1850, Louisville's Nanz and Kraft have the goods for all occasions. Don't like the ferns? Check their other plants for additional delivery options.

Price: 2 hanging ferns for $50.00 or 1 for $29.95.



  • Nanz and Kraft doesn't deliver everything they grow nationwide; enter your zip code on top of their site here to see what can be delivered to your neck of the woods

Bottom line:

Based on so many stellar reviews, we feel that if you're within range of delivery, Nanz and Kraft are sure to be your best bet. Give them a call or use their location finder to see what you can order delivered.


Further along our journey for the best dog friendly house plants sits a lineup of lovely and unusual succulents. These are ideal for anyone who customarily neglects their plants, requiring moderate light and low humidity. 

From the Hawthoria to the Blue Echavarria, we've seen nothing more exquisite than these succulents. Go here for more care tips.

Buy succulents online:

Spring Hill

With over 100 years experience in the business, Spring Hill Nursery started in 1849 and shifted to mostly mail-order in 1930. 

The company ensures the finest plants in the world through their extensive research and partnerships with top plant breeders and testing agencies globally. They offer a free catalog here.

Spring Hill has a copper colored metal container full of succulents (3 potted succulents in 3 inch pots to be exact - Sedum kamtschaticum, Sedum 'October Daphne,' 'Firecracker' Sedum, and Blue echavarria hawthoria.)

Price: $29.99. You can find Spring Hill promo codes here.


  • Large selection in several categories of plants, decor, sale items, and more
  • $5 shipping with all orders
  • 469 positive reviews on Dave's Garden 
  • Save up to 80% on select Spring Hill orders
  • Affordable


  • Overall reviews look below average
  • Although they have 469 positive reviews on Dave's Garden, they have 430 negative ones

Bottom line:

Though some have had excellent experiences with Spring Hill, others have not. And it sounds like a lot has changed with the company since its early days. In any case, be sure to take a good look at Spring Hill's Yelp reviews and those mentioned above before purchasing.

Greenery NYC

Shop for your NYC locale or order delivery nationwide with Greenery NYC. From their green shipping philosophy to their various plant categories (including pet-friendly options), tools and accessories, containers, and installations, you're sure to be impressed with this spot.

Highlighting Haworthia (our favorite succulent type) in a gorgeous, reusable bowl, this item ranges in price from $6 - $42. Bowls are created in Israel in custom molds using Limoges porcelain, available in orange, black, or blue stripes with these measurements: 2 3/8″ tall x 3 1/8″ in diameter, with the opening being around 2.2".

You can also get the succulent as an original bare plant in a 3" nursery grow pot for only $6.

Price: $6 for the succulent in its original pot; $42 in the Limoges porcelain bowl of your color choice. Check here for Greenery NYC coupon codes.


  • 30-day plant guarantee
  • Greenery NYC has full 5-star reviews on Yelp, FaceBook, Houzz, and Google reviews
  • They aren't just plant growers, but landscape architects and designers
  • Plants arrive healthy, in great condition
  • Planters and containers are high quality and nice-looking


  • Possibly tricky lighting requirements: This succulent is a high light plant, which according to their site will do best in a south or east facing window. Since both interior and exterior obstructions can impact the light available for your plant, Greenery NYC provides instructions on how to take a light meter reading with their Lighting Guide.

Bottom line:

If you have the light required, this is a great company and a gorgeous succulent. Skip the expensive bowl unless you love it; there are many less pricey options that fit the budget a little better.

The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co. has 14 different types of flowers and plants for all occasions and events sourced from either the fields of the USA, volcanoes of Ecuador, or the hills of Colombia.

Try a Bouqs customizable subscription to get flowers delivered to your doorstep on your schedule, and cancel anytime.

Bouqs' succulents come with $9 nationwide delivery or with free delivery on weekday orders over $100.00.

Our favorite Bouqs' succulent is the Sawyer, which features a miniature succulent in a macrame hanger with wooden beads. This plant will need lots of light (at least 6 hours daily), but water only when their soil becomes dry.

Don't want the Sawyer? You can also choose from 3 uniquely beautiful flower arrangements featuring replantable succulents here.

Price: $52.00, with Bouqs promo codes here.


  • Bouqs Co. has a solid 4-stars on Trustpilot after 4,635 reviews
  • Great selection
  • Prompt delivery
  • Stress-free, helpful customer service
  • High quality products


Sometimes Bouqs can be expensive; this succulent and hanger are beautiful, but rather small for $52.00 (succulent is 2.5 inches)

Bottom line:

If you like the prices, go for it. Need a coupon or promo code? Bouqs offers a selection here.


Grow them for their looks, fragrance, and usefulness in cooking, while staying worry-free as they're all pet-friendly. Basil, sage, thyme, and rosemary all grow from tiny sprigs into dog friendly house plants that smell good all year long.

Buy Herbs online:


Gurney's lets you grow your favorite herbs from seeds as cheaply as $2.99 per packet. Or get a 7-gallon grow tub (ships fall and spring) for only $9.99 and grow several herbs together or even a whole salad.

Price: $2.99 - $9.99. Find Gurney's discounts here.


  • Gurney's offers a no-risk guarantee on all their products for up to a year
  • These herbs are easy and quick to grow from seed on your windowsill
  • If you know how to garden and don't need advice or many questions answered by customer service, you'll probably be ok


  • Customer service reps, while polite and (trying to be) helpful, seem to be no more knowledgeable about gardening or the products offered than you would be simply reading the website yourself
  • Negative reviews outnumber positive on Dave's Gardens; although most dissatisfied customers appear to have received a refund

Bottom line:

For the easy stuff (like herb seeds), or if you're already a master gardener, you'll probably do fine with herbs/seeds from Gurneys. If you've never grown anything from a seed before, we aren't too sure - but then again, the seed packets only cost a few dollars and refunds are available for anyone unhappy with their purchase.

The Tasteful Garden 

In the business of growing organic vegetable plants of many types, with an online presence since 1997, The Tasteful Garden also offers certified USDA organic herb plants via delivery.

This beautiful pet-friendly herb basket for your windowsill ships from early October to mid-December. Choose your 3 favorite herbs to fill it (we recommend choosing the ones we recommend here, or skimming through the ASPCA's list of toxic and non-toxic plants), and clip from it as you wish to add fresh herbs to sauces and meals.

Price: $29.95



  • Some options are a bit pricey

Bottom line:

The Tasteful Garden is an excellent choice for potted herb plants - or getting any veggie plants delivered. Check their shipping info to be sure when yours will be sent; they aren't all sent year-round.

Giving Plants

You can search by several categories including plant type, occasion, price, holiday, custom logo gifts, plants for men, etc., on the Giving Plants site. 

After you order, they'll hand-select your plant and carefully package it according to type and ship it straight from their California facility. All of Giving Plants' live plant products come with a 7-Day Freshness Guarantee as well.

A clever rosemary bonsai tree can sit on your windowsill instead of a basket, ready to be clipped as an aromatic seasoning for your broths, stews, and even chopped with candied ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, and vanilla into a holiday simmering potpourri (Word to the wise: fresh cut rosemary smells similarly to pine, making it the perfect holiday addition to your potpourri - you won't need to cut a sprig off your tree when you've got fresh rosemary in the house!).

Price: $56.97, with Giving Plants promo codes available here.


  • Giving Plants has a 4.5-star rating on FaceBook
  • Excellent customer service
  • High quality plants delivered promptly
  • Giving Plants' live products are always priority shipped
  • Flat rate shipping is provided; details here


  • Some items are a little on the pricey side

Bottom line:

This is a high quality option for your pet-friendly herb plant delivery. When you're ready to order, keep in mind: Plants are delivered Monday-Friday unless a Saturday delivery is specifically selected. Orders received by 10 am PST will be shipped the same day; those received after that time will be shipped the following day.

Areca Palm Trees

Also known as the Bamboo Palm, the Areca Palm or Dypsis lutescens does well indoors in pots and low light conditions. They can grow between 6 and 10 inches yearly, eventually reaching a height of 6 or 7 feet indoors. For those who transfer them outdoors? They can potentially reach 20-30 feet tall!

Another of our dog-friendly indoor house plants, the Areca Palm makes a breezy addition to any setting, is both heat and drought resistant, and is often used for the 'privacy screen' effect it creates. To make it even more appealing, it works to clear impurities from the air as well.

Buy Areca Palms online:


Starting with only 10 plants back in 2011, Plantz now hand-selects and ships some of the best quality shade-grown foliage plants available. Shop for plants, planters, and other supplies on the Plantz site now, or read their informative blog.

Need additional info? They've got plenty of plant-related content and how-to tips and videos throughout their site to satisfy anyone from a curious new customer to the most experienced plant enthusiasts.

This gorgeous Areca Palm comes in two sizes, priced at $39.00 to $94.00. Looks great in entrances or standing by twos framing a hallway or French doors.

Price: The 6′ – 7′ plant in the 14″ growpot is $94.00. The 4.5′ – 5.5′ plant in the 10" growpot is $$39.00.


  • Plantz has a 4.8-star rating on FaceBook and 5 stars on Wedding Wire
  • Their gallery features pictures of full grown plants, planters, and supplies
  • Plantz offers more than just mail-order house plants; they also do plant management, event foliage, and landscaping
  • If you're in the Tampa, Florida area, you can also pick up your plant; see details here


  • Selection is restricted to large plants and trees

Bottom line:

If you've got space for a large, stunning plant in your home, give Plantz a try and get the Areca Palm. They're pet-friendly, beautiful, and make a bold statement in any room.

Fast Growing Trees

From fruit trees to evergreens, shade trees to shrubs, privacy trees, flowering trees, even palm trees to house plants, Fast Growing Trees has all your arboreal needs covered.

This Areca Palm Tree from Fast Growing Trees comes in 3 sizes with optional supplies like planting mix and fertilizer available for additional costs.

Price: $49.95 - $69.95 depending on size. You can find promo codes for Fast Growing Trees, too.


  • Fast Growing Trees has 144 positive, 46 negative, and 4 neutral reviews on Dave's Garden
  • They have a solid 4 stars on SiteJabber after 1,718 reviews
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • Trees (usually) arrive in great condition 
  • Comes with care instructions and occasionally bonus gifts
  • Prompt delivery and great customer service


  • Some felt their product should have bloomed more or was uneven etc.

Bottom line:

These are beautiful trees which are delivered with great care and full instructions. You'll get yours within 1-2 days, and they're remarkably low maintenance so just read the included instructions and relax - and, just in case you should need it, read about their replacement policy here.


Boesen delivers numerous types of flowers and gifts nationwide including green plants, flowering plants, and orchids. 

Starting in 1923 in Iowa, Boesen is now run by its third generation of family owners, and has been named among the top 25 florists in the country by major floral wire services.

This Areca Palm is one of 9 potted plant arrangements and varieties delivered by Boesen's. 

Price: $64.95.


  • Boesen has a BBB rating of A+
  • They also have 3.5 stars on Yelp, 4.5 on Wedding Wire, and 5 stars on The Knot
  • Get a Boesen delivery subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months in their Blooming Plant of the Month Club


Not much info available about the plant or container

Bottom line:

This looks like a great plant, but there's not much info on the site about it. However, Boesen has an excellent reputation, so it might be fine as long as you call or message first to get a few more facts (i.e. size, type of container, etc.) before your order is placed.

Polka Dot Plant

Often used as a colorful garden filler with its pretty pink-splashed green leaves, the Polka Dot, or Hypoestes phyllostachya, is widely loved for its pet-friendliness as well.

The plant grows well indoors and also outdoors in partial sunlight. They may produce tiny pinkish or purplish flowers that look a bit like geraniums. Keep soil moist by watering regularly.

Buy Polka Dot Plants online:

Costa Farms

Costa Farms give customer recommendations on what to pair plants with, too; in this case, they suggested Elephant's Ear, Devil's Backbone, and Oyster Plant (but be sure to check each recommendation for pet-friendliness before taking advice!)

Price: Not found on site; we found it available right now on Amazon - 3 2.5 inch pots for $19.99 and free shipping. Find Costa Farms promo codes here. 


  • Costa Farms has 3.5 stars on Yelp (about average)
  • Available in Pink, Red, Variegated, and White
  • Polka Dot Plants are easy to tend to
  • They offer internships in many fields at their North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida Farms


  • We couldn't find it available on the site

Bottom line:

You may need to shop around for this one; it's out of stock on the Costa Farms site, and the one on Amazon looks kind of new (i.e. without much customer feedback available.)

Evergreen Growers

Evergreen Growers of Australia has polka dot plants perfect for beginning gardeners as they resiliently grow in several locations.

Due to strict bio-security laws, they only ship to South Australia and Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Here are some of the shipping regulations in your spot of the Down Under.

Price: $4.80 each.


  • Very affordable
  • Full refunds are available for dissatisfied customers, or if your pets needs to be within within 30 days
  • They have 4.5 stars on Google reviews
  • Established in 2003, they're a reputable wholesale nursery
  • They're not a re-seller, plants are propagated onsite with care


  • Currently out of stock
  • Only serve certain parts of Australia

Bottom line:

If you really want a pink (or red or white) splattered Polka Pot plant and you reside in one of the aforementioned regions of Australia, don't hesitate to give Evergreen Growers a try. Although the plant we highlighted is out of stock, watch this space for updates or check their site here.

Click & Grow

Get futuristic with your plant growing! In as much time as it takes to make your morning pot of coffee, you can set up to grow 45 different types of plants, fruits, and veggies on your kitchen counter with the Click & Grow smart garden. Watch the introductory video here for a glimpse into Click & Grow.

Get a smart garden and pods delivered to your doorstep, add some water and pods to your smart garden, set it up with the timer and wait. You should have fresh herbs or, in this case, beautiful pink polka dot plants, in weeks.

Price: You'll need a smart garden first, and we recommend the Smart Garden 3 for $99.95. Pods are extra, with the package above costing approximately $9.00 and lasts for 3 months. Find Click & Grow promo codes here.


  • If you opt for a subscription, a selection of new plant pods will be sent every three months based on your preferences
  • Free shipping on any deliveries over $50   
  • Click & Grows all have at least 4 solid stars on Amazon  
  • Free shipping on all subscription deliveries. Cancel any time


  • You'll need the smart garden first, and some might feel that's pricey

Bottom line:

For technology lovers or smart home owners who love to watch things grow but don't necessarily love getting their hands dirty, this system is for you - especially if you enjoy the polka dot plant! If not? There are other plants you can grow with the Click & Grow. Just check here - from tomatoes, peppers, arugula, chives, and kale, to lavender, petunias, and French marigolds - there's a huge selection.


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